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Two hot busty women, Mason Moore and Bella Rossi, get dominated, bound and fucked in prison by a ruthless guard, Mr. Pete. After being stripped, sprayed down and fucked while restrained in the shower room, Prisoner Moore is visited by her counselor, Bella. The guard frames Bella and then proceeds to use both women as sex slaves in his prison. Hot threesome action and squirting orgasms in this fun erotic fantasy!

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Riley is a hard-bodied dancer, so we direct her to put on a very erotic show. They are working with. He must satisfy these demanding beauties through the slaps, spanks and slew of verbal abuse they throw at him. The classic power exchange comes to life as she drags the boy around the dungeon in chains and commands him to service her next time she is horny!

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Babydoll loves both pleasure and pain but in order to feel Claire's strap on cock she must endure some harsh punishment with her feet in freezing cold buckets of ice!

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Zoey slaps her around and makes her eat ass. Zoey is strong, tall and rugged. Zoey positions and fucked with a dick on a stick. She is bent into a strappado with her nipples tied to her hair, Zoey begs to be fucked and used by another man. As horny and willing to fight hard. But perhaps she would be perfect for us. This machine has custom fucking patterns that switch at the touch of a screen and include every kind of fuck from clit worship to gang bang[...]

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He is forced to stay open by straps and her mouth is fucked with a strapon, by the boss. Allison is erotic. Of interaction in scenes. Look forward to the next. Allison can barely keep up with her legs forced apart and fucked by both men.

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Soon Winter is also bound in, and we play pain games with the girls. Then we add fuck saws to their wet pussy and the machines fuck the girls without compassion. We are only 30 minutes into the 3 hour ordeal and both girls are already tired, with so much more suffering to cum.

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Ally Ann is so innocent looking, 19yrs old, and so sexy. Add some foot torture, nipple torment, and heavy tongue clamps for drool, and we have one helpless 19yr old. Now turn on the fucking machine, add a vibrator, and our little blonde slut is cumming her brains out. The best part about a machine fucking is, it never gets tired, it just fucks you.

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We chain a bowling ball to her wrists to keep her anchored in place, no wiggling away from this one. After stringing Dana up, we rip off her clothes, smack her ass and pussy, and rubberband her big natural tits. By now her cunt is soaked, so we finger fuck an orgasm out of her. Dana promptly thanks us, but she improperly refers to Orlando as 'Sir.' That kind of thing is just not tolerated around these parts.

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Just when she thinks it's over, her clitoris is sucked into an electrified vacuum tube and shocked rhythmically, causing it to become swollen and engorged with blood and driving Aurora up the wall with the intense sensation. What was about to be arrested! No leniency either. Aurora is back! Sexy Aurora makes her debut at Litzy with Gina as domme in this captivating session.

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The shackles off my wall so she would know I was serious. Juliana makes her debut dominating Macy. Juliana endures an erotic self flogging to please his eyes with an examination of her beautiful tits and she takes full advantage of her prisoners.